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Police Department

  1. Business Emergency Contact Information

    All businesses, new or with a change in personnel, should complete this form.

  1. Vacation Home Check Request

    Please complete request form 2-3 days before your vacation.


  1. Account Information Update

    This form is meant to only change contact information on an existing utility account. This is NOT the place to create a new account at... More…

  2. Authorization Agreement for PreAuthorized Payments

    The City of Dyersville offers automatic bank withdrawal for payment of water, sewer and solid waste accounts. Simply complete the form... More…

  3. Water Service Line Inventory

    The City of Dyersville is updating its records of water service lines as part of an Iowa DNR/State requirement. The city needs your... More…

  1. Application for Utility Services

    Please complete the form at least 3-7 business days prior to service connection.

  2. Sewer Adjustment Request Form

    Customers are allowed a one-time sewer credit on their sewer service which does not exceed $800. This adjustment is calculated on... More…