Library Board of Trustees

Regular Meetings

  • 5:30 p.m.
  • 2nd Tuesday of every month
  • Hoffman Community Room


  • Karen Kramer, President
    115 8th Street NW
    Phone: 563-875-7723
  • Angela English, Vice President
    570 Country Club Court
    Phone: 563-875-7294
  • Catherine O'Hea, Secretary
    108 5th Street NW
    Phone: 563-580-7206
  • Sue Engelbrecht
    519 13th Avenue SE
    Phone: 563-875-2646
  • Ray Kruse
    1223 300th Avenue 
    Phone: 563-451-9958

  • Mary Jane Meade
    994 Richards Road, Dubuque
    Phone: 563-249-5532
  • Karen Tieskoetter
    224 1st Avenue W
    Phone: 641-229-5545
  • Danielle Will
    704 5th Avenue SE
    Phone: 814-270-5017
  • Vacant


The Library is under the control and direction of the Board of Library Trustees. The Board consists of 9 members appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Council. At least one and no more than two members may be nonresidents. As the terms of office of the Board members expire, the Mayor, with the approval of the Council, shall appoint successors, each of whom shall hold office until his or her successor is appointed and qualifies.